Posted by: priyshi | April 18, 2008

All Webpage Related to Pushtimarg

Dear All,

Jay Shri Krishna

Here you will find some of the webpage that are avialble on the net which are based on our beloved pushtimarg. You will get lots of more information in English and Gujarati language from these sites.

Jay Shri Vallabh

Just click on below link and explore Pushtimarg…………….

Vadodara – Alkapuri Haveli – My Favorite

Krishna Seva – A great forum for Pushtimarg

The Largest Collection of Shriji Bawa Pitcures on the internet

Shrinathji Bhajan’s

Shree Vallabh Priti Seva Samaj

Pushtimarg – Know thy Shri Vallabh

Vakpati Foundation

Shri Vallabhpith’s Official Website

Jay Jay Shri Gokulesh – Pushtiprameya

Shee Vallabh

Shrinath Foundation Trust

Pushti Bhakti

Vraj – Haveli in U.S.A

Shree Dwarkadhish Temple, Parlin, New Jersey

Vaishnav Haveli in New York

Vaishnav Parivar

Haveli Shree Gokulnathji – Jaipur

The Pancham Peeth of Pushtimarg

Krupanidhi Trust Homepage

Shrijinathi ni Haveli

E – Haveli of ShriNathji

Pratham Peeth – Kota

Pushtikul Satsang Mandal

International Pushtimargiya Vaishnav Parishad(U.K)

84 Baithakji of Shri Mahaprabhuji

Nathdwara ——-Tilkayat House

Shree Kalyan Pushti

Pushtimarg – Hey Krishna Me Aapka Das Hoon – Blog in Hindi

Vallabh Vedant Academy & Research Center

Tavasmi – Pushti Sampraday

Vaishnav Parivar : A informative Portal about Pushtimarg

Pushtimarg and Modern Science

Vallabh Vani

Pushti Priya

Pushti Manthan – Kadi Baithak

Dwitya Gruha Peeth – Shrimad Vitthalesho Vijayate

Goswami Anandbava’s Blog on Shri Vallabh’s Pushtimarg

Shri Vallabh Shranam

Arpit & Dhara’s Divine Crunch Blog

Bay Area Youth Vashinv Parivar – Shreemaya Krishnadham

Shri Vallabh Anugrah

Shrinathji Bhakti

Zero 2 Dot

All About Pushtimarg

Pushti Darshan

Shrinathji Haveli – Toronto



  1. ai Shri Krishna
    Nice collection!
    A minor correction,, is “Pratham Peeth, Kota” and Not “Pancham Peeth”

  2. jai shree krishna tamaru collection mast che ho

  3. good collection. u can add if u wish….

  4. Hi Priyshi,

    You can add one more site in this list. this site is exclusive portal for Pushtimarg & Vaishnavism. You can find list of global Haveli across the world.

    Kindly visit it.

  5. Thank You and Jay Shri Krishna to all of you

    Added 3 more sites as requested by Vaishnavs!!

  6. hi,
    Jay Shree Krishna to all
    thank you.

  7. feed in your web

  8. very nice collections. you may add one more web site of shreenathji as under on your blog. thanks.


    Dr.Sudhir Shah

    • thanks for puting our mail on your page, but ” All Webpage Related to Pushtimarg” page you mentioned our web site in wrong. it shouldbe shreenathjibhakti in one word and zero2dot not zero to dot. so change please and oblige.

      dr sudhir shah

  9. please add my blog

  10. Please add my site to your blog list about pushtimarg.
    My site link is

    – Krishna.

  11. Hi there,

    Thank you & very nice collection. Do you have any website where I can download gujratai ebook for 84 & 252 Vaishnavas.

    Thanks in advance.


  12. Hi there,

    Thank you & very nice collection. Do you have any website where I can download gujratai ebook for 84 & 252 Vaishnavas.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Jay Shri Krishna,

      I don’t have any link for gujarati e-book for 84 vaishnav. However you can go to and download the pravachan and audio CD for 84 Pravachans.

      I hope this will help.

      Thank You!

  13. Hrmmmmm… What is the best way to print this site? I am getting some distortion.

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